CAA introduces self-boarding service at Pakistan airports

CAA introduces self-boarding service at Pakistan airports
Lahore: Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan has introduced self-boarding service at Pakistan airports.

In a major technological breakthrough, CAA has introduced self-boarding service for passengers at Pakistan airports which would enable them to avoid long queues for boarding.

According to details, around fifteen machines are being installed at Karachi and five other major airports in the country. The machines have been imported from France.

According to CAA, two machines each have been installed in domestic and international lounges which would allow passengers to get boarding cards on their own.

After the automatic check-in system has been installed at Faisalabad Airport, 3 machines will be installed at Islamabad Airport, 2 at Peshawar Airport, 2 at Quetta Airport and 2 at Multan Airport.

Civil Aviation has also instructed all airlines to connect to their own networks immediately using the automated check-in system.