The future is here: Smart fridges that recognize food to be unveiled at CES 2020

The future is here: Smart fridges that recognize food to be unveiled at CES 2020
Las Vegas: Ushering in the future in consumer goods, electronics giants Samsung and LG will both unveil artificial intelligence (AI) powered refrigerators at CES 2020 being held next week at Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America.

Samsung’s latest edition of Family Hub refrigerator and LG’s second-generation InstaView ThinQ refrigerator both have added AI capabilities. Both the models will come equipped with AI-powered cameras inside the fridge which can identify food.

The idea is that the AI will let users know what product they are running low on and even suggest recipes based on the ingredients in the fridge.

Prices for both fridges are not confirmed as yet, however experts expect them to be priced between $4,500 and $6,000. Samsung has confirmed that the refrigerator will be available in the market in spring, while LG has yet to give a date for release of its latest version.

Both fridges already come equipped with the latest in technology, with LG offering a 22-inch display screen that turns transparent to allow a look inside the fridge without opening the door and letting the cool air out. It also offers spherical ice cubes which melt slower than regular ones.

Samsung too has a large screen on its fridge, which can mirror content from Samsung laptops and cell phones. The screen will now also support video clips, for playing recipes directly on the fridge inside the kitchen. Additionally it can be used as a virtual bulletin board for users.