Listen whatsapp messages secretly without earphone

California: The Facebook-owned WhatsApp has reportedly rolled out a unique feature that will enable the users to communicate easier.

With the new WhatsApp feature, the users will be able to listen to WhatsApp voice messages secretly without earphones.

WhatsApp feature will allow users to make communication through audio files instead of voice message.

The feature will let users avoid such encounters when they are supposed to concentrate and suddenly, recieved an audio file on WhatsApp. The smartphone reflexes force users to tap the audio file and something too personal starts playing aloud on the phone speakers.

Many of us may have faced such embarrassment.

Here's how the feature works:


With this new feature, the next time you receive an audio file on WhatsApp, instead of grabbing your earphones, just take your phone and put it on any of your ears after hitting the play button, as if you are on a call. The moment you lift the phone after hitting the play button on the WhatsApp audio file and place the device on your ears, the audio file will play through the earpiece of your smartphone and not the speakers.