Facebook updates search engine to show Wikipedia snippet on side bar

Facebook updates search engine to show Wikipedia snippet on side bar
The updated version of Facebook is saying Wikipedia snippet on the side bar.

The social networking site had been trying to update a wide range of its features for quite some time now in order to remain competitive in the tech industry.

Ever since 2004, the site has updated its newsfeed, timeline, posts, videos, settings and variety of other features.

However, one area of the social media platform which was not properly optimized and updated was the search feature. But now Facebook finally has something new to offer related to that particular feature.

Now if you search for individuals or influencers that actually have a strong presence on social network, the search engine shows its Wikipedia snippet in the side bar.

Right after searching, the snippets from Wikipedia articles appear in your search results making it easier for the person to get more details of the searched personality.

Tech experts indicate that this feature would allow Facebook to move into the search engine territory. This raises alarm for Google, which has been a rival of this social media platform for quite some time now and Facebook has so far been unable to compete with it in terms of search engines.

But this move to update its search engine shows that a lot more changes might end up coming through in the future that are going to make Facebook search even more powerful.