Facebook & Trump remove manipulated video posted by President Trump

Facebook & Trump remove manipulated video posted by President Trump
A copyright complain has led to Facebook and Twitter removing a video posted on both social media platforms by US President Donald Trump.

The video featured a fake ticker by a renowned news channel saying “terrified toddler runs from racist baby” and showed an African American toddler running away from a white baby. The video clip then shows that both children were running towards each other, implying that racial injustice protests across the country are being manipulated by media and news outlets.

Both Twitter and Facebook have clarified that they removed the content after receiving copyright infringement complaints. News outlets reported that Jukin Media, which represents the parents who shot the video, has filed the copyright complaint.

Social media has been under criticism for not acting quickly enough when it comes to objectionable content. Before the video was removed, it had amassed 20 million views on twitter and four million on Facebook.

White House has kept its criticism of the move directed towards twitter, with spokesman John Duree saying that the social media giant is “not careful, it is going to have to label itself a manipulator”. Facebook was not mentioned.

Twitter and the US President have been at odds of late with the microblogging site having put a wrapper on President Trump’s tweet declaring it to be glorifying violence. The American President has tried to pass an executive order that asks the section of Communications Decency Act which protects online platforms from liability for content posted by its users.

The executive order is currently facing a lawsuit.