Google to auto-delete users' data, location history

Google, privacy settings
(Web Desk): Google has announced to start auto-deleting new users’ search data and location history on a rolling 18-month basis as the techno-giant creates major changes in its default settings to tighten privacy.

Starting today, those settings will be on by default for new users, however, current users can already opt in to auto-delete their data every three or 18 months — a setting that has not changed, although existing users will be reminded of the option to do so.

New users of Google’s subsidiary YouTube will also have their search data auto-deleted after 36 months.

Google’s auto-delete feature applies to search history (on web or in-app), location history, and voice commands collected through the Google Assistant or devices like Google Home

On Wednesday, Google announced broad changes in its default data practices for new users, including a significant expansion in the company’s willingness to automatically delete data.

Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai said that the changes were designed to “keep less data by default.”

Pinchai, also head of Google’s parent company Alphabet, asserted that privacy is at the heart of everything we do.

Alongside the new default settings, Google will also make it easier for users use Chrome’s Incognito mode, allowing mobile users to switch to Incognito mode with a long-press on their profile picture. The feature launches today on iOS and will soon come to Android and other platforms.