Pakistan gets high-tech drones from China to combat locusts

Pakistan gets high-tech drones from China to combat locusts
Islamabad: China has provided twelve T16 high-tech farm drones to Pakistan to help combat locusts swarms that are badly affecting crops.

Technical support staff will also be provided to operate the drones and train local operators in Pakistan.

The operator can control five drones at the same time without actually going into the field as they are equipped with latest technology.

T16 is one of the most advanced agricultural drones which can also dodge obstacles automatically.

Earlier in July, Prime Minister Imran Khan had accorded in-principle approval for second of the National Action Plan for locust control in the country.

During his visit to National Locust Control Center in the capital city, he also vowed that every possible measure will be taken to counter the locust attacks that pose threat to national food security.

The primer approved the second phase after he was told that phase-I has been completed.

He also announced that the affected farmers would also be compensated in the second phase by the government.

The premier also hailed the civil authorities and Pakistan Army for their coordinated response to control the locust attack and use of indigenously developed equipments.