WhatsApp to roll out 'Expiring Media' feature soon

WhatsApp to roll out 'Expiring Media' feature soon
California: Facebook-owned messenger WhatsApp is set to roll out new 'Expiring Media' feature that will let users send self-destructing media on the popular messaging app.

This new feature will make media files such as images, videos, and GIFs sent to the recipient's phone disappear once the recipient leaves the chat.

The new development appears to be an extension to the Expiring Messages feature that is in the works by the instant messaging app for some time. With Expiring Media, WhatsApp users would be able to send photos and videos on a temporary basis.

Users will have an option to set expiration when they share media files after this feature will be enabled.

Those who will receive any "Expiring Media" can only view them for a single time and once they exit the chat, they will disappear without any trace unlike "This message was deleted" message when the sender deletes messages.

The feature will be visible only to admins of a group. For individual chats, the feature will offer various options that the user can select for the app to automatically delete messages.

WhatsApp will also show a 'timer' symbol on the profile picture when the feature is enabled in a specific chat.

The Expiring Media feature of WhatsApp seems quite similar to how Instagram allows users to send a disappearing photo or video as a direct message on its platform. Instagram also lets users send disappearing media files in group messages. However, WhatsApp is yet to be seen working on a similar experience for group users.