Google’s parent company unveils prototype robots for inspecting crops

Google’s parent company unveils prototype robots for inspecting crops
Amid growing demand for food in world due to rising population on the planet, the global agriculture will need to bolster its yield to meet the challenges in the future at a time when climate change is posing threat to productivity of crops.

Alphabet, Google's parent company, has come forward to help farmers with latest technology with an aim to improve crop yields.

The top tech firm has unveiled prototype robot buggies that roams atop the crops in fields on upright pillar and have ability to inspect individual plants, collecting useful information about how crops grow.

Elliott Grant, head of the project Mineral, said: "We hope that better tools will enable the agriculture industry to transform how food is grown".

Available tools are unable to provide farmers such kind of indepth information they need.

"What if every single plant could be monitored and given exactly the nutrition it needed?" Grant wrote.

"What if we could untangle the genetic and environmental drivers of crop yield?"

Besides collecting information about the soil content or the weather, the robot was developed to observe how plants are "actually growing and responding to their environment", the firm said.

"Over the past few years, the plant buggy has trundled through strawberry fields in California and soybean fields in Illinois, gathering high quality images of each plant and counting and classifying every berry and every bean," it said.

The company is already working with farmers and breeders in Argentina, Canada, South Africa, and the United States in this regard.

But it has not revealed any plan or exact date to release the buggy for commercial use.