The plug may be pulled on Google Hangouts

The plug may be pulled on Google Hangouts
Tech giant Google announced in a blog post on Friday that starting early 2021, it may be pulling the plug on its messaging platform, automatically migrating chat histories and contacts to its Google Workforce ready alternate, Google Chats.

While the exact timing of the move is “yet to be determined” the blog post essentially makes it clear that the core parts of Hangouts are to be terminated. Google Fi, the company’s version of wireless carriers, will not support Hangouts calls and texts while voice calling through Hangouts will also get trickier.
Users of Hangouts voice calls will be moved to Google’s Voice Platform before new sets of regulations from US and EU are enacted.
Hangouts was one of the ten chat platforms that Google has introduced over the past ten years.
A number of Google platforms are set to be terminated in the next few months as the company marches towards integrating additional features in its more successful platforms. Among the platforms that have a death sentence hanging over them is Google Cloud Print, set to end by December 2020, AngularJS which has about a year left, App Maker which will be killed off in three months and Google Play Music, which also has about three months left before extermi.