SpaceX-NASA launching astronauts today

SpaceX-NASA launching astronauts today
Four astronauts will be sent into orbit on Sunday aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule in what will be a long term collaboration between Elon Musk's company and NASA.

The joint project will include routine trips into orbit to keep the International Space Station fully occupied.

The launch was initially scheduled for Saturday night, however, strong winds at Kennedy Space Center in Florida delayed it to Sunday morning EST. The call to delay the launch was made by NASA.

Elon Musk has revealed to the public that he has tested both positive and negative for the novel coronavirus, after experiencing fever and cough. As per NASA guidelines, Musk will have to isolate and anyone in contact with him at SpaceX will be traced and quarantined. However, NASA has said in a press conference that they are certain no astronaut scheduled for launch has coronavirus.

Of the four astronauts, Victor Glover, Michael Hopkins and Shannon Walker are Americans while Soichi Noguchi is joining them from Japan's space agency JAXA.