Apple plans to launch 5G iPhone in 2020

Apple plans to launch 5G iPhone in 2020
California: Wireless carriers are preparing for 5G connectivity, the next generation of cellular networking that promises to bring faster download speeds to consumers.

Apple is planning to unveil its 5G phone  in 2020, a new report suggested.

The wireless industry’s first wave of 5G handsets will debut at the Mobile World Congress show next February.

A report in Fast Company also notes that the company will choose Intel as an exclusive modem supplier, although there are still some technical issues around heat dissipation that need to be resolved.

Intel is currently working a chip called 8060, which will be used to test 5G on the iPhone. However, the chipmaker is planning to manufacture a 10nm 5G-enabled modem, named 8161, to achieve better speed and efficiency.

We expect that the 2020 iPhone will use these 8161 modem chips. Intel will benefit a lot if it ends up as the sole supplier of 5G modems to Apple.

The report also notes that Apple’s ‘Plan-B’ is to go to MediaTek for 5G-enabled modems. Although, MediaTek, by-and-large, produces modems for low and mid-range phones.

In 2019, many smartphone makers will release 5G-enabled phones. However, only users in select regions of the world will be able to experience 5G connectivity, however, Apple users will likely get their hands on the 5G-enabled iPhone by the end of 2020.