Experience the unique Palm Smartphone

Experience the unique Palm Smartphone
California: Most of you have heard of taking the whole world in your hands but have you ever thought of shrinking the whole world just in a size fit to your palm!


The techno-giants are racing to beat each other with unique and innovative ideas and devices.

The trend of upgrading devices has reach to its peak as a company, recently, launched the first ever android palm phone.

Now, Palm is back too, and instead of trying to compete in an over-saturated landscape of big, immersive handsets, it’s betting big on another category – one at the intersection of wearables and mobile phones.

The Palm technology company unveiled its smartphone sized only 3.3-inch with 445-ppi LCD display that swirled the techno-market as it gives you an impression of the SMALLER version of iPhone X.

Its designers say that they weren’t aiming for that; instead their design goals of making a little phone that felt comfortable tucked away in your hand led to the shape. Still, though, look at it.

The Palm Phone works on Verizon’s network with an eSIM that mirrors the SIM on your main device. It shares the same phone number, meaning it’ll receive the same calls and texts as your primary phone. The point of the Palm Phone is to be the little cellular gadget you might need when you don’t really want to be consumed by the digital world but still might want a phone for emergencies

The corners of the device are dramatically curved like Apple's original rounded rectangle, and a single visual home button is positioned below the screen. The back has a Palm logo in the center, with a vertical camera array in the top right corner like the iPhone XS. It also weighs just 62 grams.

Palm doesn’t want you to feel like you’re missing a ton when using its device, so it’s included a 12MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera that seemed to take nice photos during the time I used it. The phone’s even IP68 water resistant, so you take it in the water with you. The company wants this thing to be your daily companion so you can leave your main phone charging at your desk.

According to Palm, this device is something you would keep your work apps off of. This is something you bring with you to snap a few photos or work out at the gym — not something for responding to Slack messages and browsing Twitter.

Certainly, the device has almost all the anroid functions that can make you away from your BIG smartphone.

Report by   Syeda Siddra