Apple invents new device with 360º Display

Apple invents New Device with 360 degree Display
California: Techno giant Apple has always keen to push innovative and unique devices that not only facilitate users but also amazed them.

The techno giant kept its lagacy and finally invent a mysterious device with such an innovative and intriguing design that will never let you keep your hands off this phone.

Apple’s latest patent is the most innovative and intriguing design to date. The talented designers and engineers at Apple have produced one of the boldest patents ever seen or heard.
Apple’s interesting IP describes a mobile device similar to iPhone or iPad which is absolutely redesigned and is equipped with a 360-degree display. The display will be flexible, touchscreen and shawls the complete device.


The uniqueness of the proposed device lies in its absolutely new shape, form-factor and the design that offers “advanced touch- and gesture-based input” all over.

In its reporting, Apple notes that the iPhone X model has glass panels on front and back sides. Thus, touch sensors can be integrated inthe back glass panel as well.

According MySmart Price, a techno-blogging website, “Apple also wants to add tilt controls allowing a user to turn pages of a document.”

The publications reveal that if the patent materializes in to an actual product, Apple will go with a Czochralski process, a method through which “synthetic gemstones like sapphire crystal” can be created to be used in manufacturing.

MySmart Price stated, “A flexible display is glued to the inside of this hollow sapphire cover using transparent adhesives in a number of configurations.” It will provide a seamless design, however other Android phones “exhibit a conspicuous seam where the ends of the flexible display meet.”