Instagram likely to add 'seek bar' feature for videos

Instagram likely to add seek bar feature for videos
California (Online): Instagram – the hugely popular photo and video-sharing social networking service with over one billion monthly active users – is currently testing for addition of a feature ‘seek bar’ to videos posted on people’s feeds

for providing its users an access to the most basic amount of control over video playback.

The feature, which was discovered by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, could let you skip forward to a point in a video you want to watch, and rewind footage without having to restart a video entirely — you know, like every other video player has allowed you to do since the dawn of time.

Instagram already includes this feature for videos posted to IGTV, but amazingly this is the first time we’ve seen it enabled for people’s regular Instagram feeds. Before you get too excited, the service does not appear to be testing the feature for videos posted as part of an Instagram story.

The ability to scrub through videos is for Instagram what editing tweets is to Twitter, a feature that people have been asking for for years that has somehow never made it to release. Still, it’s nice to see that could finally be on its way to Facebook’s social media platform, while Twitter’s edit button is still nowhere to be found