World gets to see black hole for the first time

World gets to see black hole for the first time
The world got its first glimpse of a black hole as astronomers released a picture which showed in a distant galaxy.
The black hole, which has been described as a ‘monster’ by scientists, measures 40 billion kilometers across, which makes it three million times the size of Earth.

The black hole is 500 million trillion kilometers away. It was photographed using the Event Horizon Telescope, a giant network of eight telescopes from across the world.

The black hole has a mass 6.5 billion times that of the sun. It is, in fact, larger than our solar system.

Professor Heino Falcke of The Netherlands, who proposed the experiment, has termed it “The heavy weight champion of black holes in the universe.”

The image shows a bright ring surrounding a dark hole. According to Professor Falcke, the ring is superheated gases falling into the hole which causes a light brighter than all the lights of the galaxy combined. This made it possible to be seen from Earth.