American lawmakers want FaceApp investigated

American lawmakers want FaceApp investigated
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has sent out an alert warning 2020 Presidential Campaigns from using FaceApp due to concerns about the app’s Russian developers.
FaceApp has skyrocketed in recent weeks because of its aging filter.
Senate Minority leader Chuck Shumer has formally requested the FBI and the FTC to conduct an investigation into the app.
“It would be deeply troubling if the sensitive personal information of American citizens was provided to a hostile foreign power,” Senator Schumer has written in his letter.
The DNC’s Chief Security Bob Lord has said that the novelty of the app is not without risk, adding that “It was developed by Russians.”
The CEO of the company behind FaceApp had said in 2017 in an interview that most uploaded pictures are deleted in a short time.

The company has responded to concerns about privacy by stating that they don’t sell or share data with third parties. They have also said that, “the core R & D team is based in Russia, user data is not transferred to Russia.”