Major security flaw of networking app ‘WhatsApp’ revealed

Major security flaw of networking app ‘WhatsApp’ revealed
A renowned security company ‘Check Point Research’ has talked about the flaws and security risks Facebook owned WhatsApp currently holds.

Although WhatsApp messages are encrypted, researchers at the security company created a tool that not only decrypts the message but can also change the contents of the message and the name of the sender.

"In this attack, it is possible to spoof a reply message to impersonate another group member and even a non-existing group member," a source in firm revealed.

One of the firms’ researchers, Oded Vanunu told reporters how the availability of such loopholes can be used to manipulate conversations.

“You can completely change what someone says and you can completely manipulate every character in the quote,” Mr Vanunu said adding that it was not so complex to perform the process of decryption.”

The company also highlighted the issue of private messages being sent to public groups and revealed that Facebook could not resolve the other issues that were brought up due to “infrastructure limitations” on WhatsApp.

These issues include hackers potentially changing their identity or the contents of these messages on the app.