Researchers link e-cigarettes to heart issues

Researchers link e-cigarettes to heart issues
A new study suggests that vaping is linked to changes in cardiovascular function even though it doesn’t contain any nicotine.

The research published in the journal Radiology concluded that e-cigarettes have a temporary effect on the blood vessel functions within users. However, researchers are yet to determine which component is directly responsible for the effect.

Many experts agree on the fact that e-cigarettes possess fewer health risks than regular cigarettes, but the toxicology of components within e-cigarettes is yet to be accurately determined.

"In addition to harm from the nicotine, the additives are a potential source of adverse vascular health and one that is being disproportionately placed on the young," doctors from the University of Massachusetts Medical School said in a commentary published alongside their findings.

Felix W. Wehrli, professor of radiologic science and biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine spoke about the effects of vaping and how constant use can affect the body.

"After a few minutes, everything normalizes. One could say, big deal, nothing happens, but if someone vapes regularly, there's a possibility that, over time, things might not go back to normal as readily,” he said.

The research is still in early stages, being tested only in labs and on animals.