CDC sounds alarm on e-cigarettes after third death

CDC sounds alarm on e-cigarettes after third death
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has sounded the alarm on e-cigarettes, after a mysterious lung-disease linked to vaping led to third death.

A confirmed death from the lung-disease occurred in Indiana, after the first two confirmed deaths in Illinois and Oregon. Investigators are looking into another death which, if confirmed, would take the toll to four deaths.

The CDC has urged users to not smoke e-cigarettes while the outbreak of the mystery disease is being investigated. “Until we have a cause and while this is being investigated, we are recommending individuals not use e-cigarettes,” CDC official Dana-Meaney Delman said on Friday.

Federal health officials in the US are investigating 450 cases linked with vaping across 33 states. The cases are of a mysterious lung-disease that has shown up only in users of e-cigarettes.

Doctors have published their investigations of the cases in the New England Journal of Medicine in hopes that other practitioners recognize it. Patients displayed gradual symptoms, including shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and chest pains. A few patients also reported fever and fatigue, along with nausea or diarrhea.

X-rays of the patients show shadows consistent with viral pneumonia but bronchoscopies did not display any evidence of viral infections.