‘Humanity first’, Sikh father, son save several Muslims during Delhi riots

‘Humanity first’, Sikh father, son save several Muslims during Delhi riots
New Delhi: A Sikh father and son have set an example of humanity by saving several Muslims during the recent riots in India’s capital.

According to details, resident of north-east Delhi, Mohinder Singh and his son Inderjeet have been hailed as heroes after they saved many Muslims during last week’s religious riots in Delhi that left around 46 people dead.

They hid many Muslims in their house before taking them away from the riots in order to save their lives.

Recalling the incident, Muhammad Hamza said that the rioters attacked his mosque with stones.

 “After riots started, a Sikh gentleman who lives nearby told us not to worry. He first hid us in his own house and then he made me wear a Sikh Turban so I could hide my identity. Mr. Singh then drove me and my family to safety,” he said adding,

Nobody dared to help us. The Sikh man and his son took us Muslims to safety on their motorbikes.”

Another Muslim said that they saved everyone.

“We may not have survived without him.”

Speaking of the day, Mr. Mohinder Singh said that he saw them as humans not Muslims.

“I believe that entire human race is one. We didn’t see people as Muslims. We just saw them as human beings. I still remember the horrors of 1984 riots in which 3000 Sikhs were killed. I have seen anti-Sikh riots and the recent riots in Delhi brought those horrible memories back. Some people had saved us in 1984 and I feel we have just repaid the debt,” Mr. Singh said.

Courtesy: BBC