Brazil reports second highest number of coronavirus infections after US

Brazil, coronavirus, infections, USA
Brasília: As the deadly coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, Brazil now has the second-highest number of recorded infections in the world after the United States with 332,382 cases and 21,116 deaths.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide crossed 5.30 million on Saturday.

Around the world the pandemic has killed more than 340,004 people and infected over 5,304,355. The United States has been the hardest-hit country, with 1,645,094 cases and 97,647 deaths.

According to latest data, 2,158,587 patients have recovered from the pandemic so far.

In United States, nearly 1,645,094 cases were confirmed, including more than 97,647 deaths. The US reported an increase of 865 deaths in the past 24 hours.

Canada reported 6,250 fatalities and 82,480 infections due to coronavirus.

Italy, which recorded its first coronavirus death at the end of February, has 32,616 fatalities, with 153 people succumbing to the disease in last 24 hours. The country has reported 228,658 infections.

Spain has recorded 28,628 fatalities with 104 deaths in a single day and 281,904 infections.

China -- excluding Hong Kong and Macau -- has to date declared 4,634 deaths and 82,971 cases, with 78,258 recoveries.

France has reported 96 deaths in a single day, taking the tally to 28,289 deaths and 182,219 cases.

United Kingdom has reported 36,393 fatalities with 468 deaths in last 24 hours and 254,195 infections.

Saudi Arabia has reported 67,719 cases of coronavirus, while 364 coronavirus deaths have been reported.

Kuwait has reported 138 deaths while over 19,564 people have been tested positive for the virus.

Turkey reported 154,500 coronavirus cases and 4,276 fatalities.

In Belgium, 9,212 people succumbed to the disease while 56,511 people have been infected.

Mexico has reported 353 deaths in a single day, taking the tally to 6,989 deaths and 62,527 cases.

Germany has reported 8,352 deaths and 179,713 infections.

Over 326,448 people have infected while 3,249 people died of the virus in Russia.

Israel has reported 16,690 coronavirus cases while 279 deaths.

Meanwhile, the death toll is 7,300 in Iran as confirmed number of cases is almost 131,652.

Lockdowns begin to ease

Some parts of Europe have reopened schools and shops, meanwhile, UK called it was too early to follow suit as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson emerged after his own battle with the virus.

With some of Europe's worst-hit nations reporting drops in daily death counts, governments are exploring how to relax confinement orders exacting their own damaging economic and psychological tolls.

Italy, the first European country to go into lockdown seven weeks ago, began allowing some construction and factory workers to go back to work on Monday.

Starting May 4, Italians are exercising outdoors and visit relatives, but only if they respect social distancing and wear masks.

Restaurants can offer takeout and wholesale stores can resume business on the same day, with other shops following on May 18, along with museums and libraries.

Thousands of schools reopened throughout France on Tuesday as the government eases its coronavirus lockdown rules despite some fears of a second wave of infections.