Several arrested as 'yellow vest' protests return in France

Several arrested as 'yellow vest' protests return in France
Paris: Several people have been arrested as ‘yellow vest’ protests return to France post Covid-19 lockdown.

According to details, clashes erupted between police and protestors and more than 250 people were arrested during first 'yellow vest' protests since coronavirus lockdown.

The return of the protest movement comes as France deals with a resurgence of Covid-19 cases.

The "yellow vest" movement, named after motorists' high-visibility jackets, emerged in late 2018 in protest against economic reforms and fuel taxes, posing a big challenge to the government of Emmanuel Macron as demonstrations spread across France.

Hundreds of protestors gathered at the starting points of two authorized marches wearing black clothes and carrying the flag of anti-fascist movement.

The police arrested 256 people, many of them carrying items that security personnel feared could be used as weapons, including screwdrivers, ice axes and knives.

The country's daily cases of coronavirus reached a record high of nearly 10,000 on Thursday.

A day later, French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced plans to have more testing in the country toughen measures in certain cities as the government seeks to avoid a repeat of the nationwide lockdown earlier this year.