California wildfires: Trump dismisses concerns over climate change

California wildfires: Trump dismisses concerns over climate change
Washington: President Donald Trump has dismissed concerns over climate change while taking a tour to fire-ravaged California.

According to details, Trump visited California on Monday where massive blazes have burned almost 2m hectares (5m acres) of land. The fires have also resulted in 36 casualties along with leaving dozens of people injured since early August.

Where environmentalists and scientists are terming it as one of the major consequences of Climate change, Trump blames the crisis on poor forest management.

When asked by a reporter in California whether climate change was a factor in the massive wildfires, Trump said that he thought of it more a management crisis.

"I think this is more of a management situation. It'll start getting cooler, you just watch... I don't think science knows actually."

Referring to the massive fires in Australia and the Amazon rainforest in recent years, Trump e claimed that other countries had not dealt with the same level of forest fires.

"They don't have problems like this. They have very explosive trees, but they don't have problems like this,” he said adding, "When you get into climate change, well is India going to change its ways? And is China going to change its ways? And Russia? Is Russia going to change its ways?"

Since the beginning of 2020, wildfires in California have burned over 3.2 million acres of land, an area almost the size of Connecticut.