Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit seeking invalidation of mail-in votes

Judge dismisses Trump lawsuit seeking invalidation of mail-in votes
Washington: A judge in Pennsylvania has dismissed a lawsuit by President Donald Trump that sought to invalidate millions of mail-in votes in the battleground state.

According to details, the Judge Matthew Brann termed the lawsuit "without merit".

Following the decision, Pennsylvania will now certify republican’s Joe Biden's win next week. Biden has a lead of more than 80,000 votes in the region.

The move comes as blow to Donald Trump, who is trying to overturn his loss in the November 03presidential election and has refused to admit defeat.

On the other hand, President-elect Joe Biden has warned that more people may die if Donald Trump continues to impede transition of power owing to his refusal to concede defeat.

Referring to the situation of coronavirus, Biden said that his administration needs to take immediate action to tackle the pandemic.

He called Republican’s refusal to acknowledge defeat as "totally irresponsible".

"Does anyone understand this? It's about saving lives, for real, this is not hyperbole. More people may die if we don't co-ordinate," he added.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has been elected as the 46th president of the US by beating Republican’s Donald Trump after a long and anxious wait for results.

In the historic election, Biden has become the oldest president-elect while Kamala Harris will be America’s first woman and first black to assume the vice presidency. They will take oath in January 2021.