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India’s Supreme Court stays implementation of controversial farm laws | GNN HD News

India’s Supreme Court stays implementation of controversial farm laws

India’s Supreme Court stays implementation of controversial farm laws
New Delhi: In a major development, India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday barred the BJP-led government from implementing new farm laws that sparked violent protests across the country.

The top court has issued the stay order for an indefinite period besides forming a committee that would take over negotiations with the protesting farmers that have camped on New Delhi borders since late November.

The BJP government had held various rounds of talks with the farmer unions but remained reluctant to withdraw the controversial laws. However, it was ready for amendments.

The protesters however rejected the offers with a stance that new laws aim at benefiting large private buyers and harm growers. They want the government to repeal the laws.

Chief Justice Sharad Bobde while announcing the order said, “We are staying three farm laws until further orders".

"While we may not stifle a peaceful protest, we think that this extraordinary order of stay of implementation of the farm laws will be perceived as an achievement of the purpose of such protest at least for the present and will encourage the farmers bodies to convince their members to get back to their livelihood, both in order to protect their own lives and health and in order to protect the lives and properties of others," NDTV quoted the chief justice as saying.

"These are matters of life and death. We are concerned with laws. We are concerned with lives and property of people affected by the agitation. We are trying to solve the problem in the best way. One of the powers we have is to suspend the legislation," the Chief Justice said.

He added that the top court wanted to resolve the issues.