Jemima Khan’s niece dies in quad bike crash

Jemima Khan niece dies in quad bike crash
London: The teenage daughter of a wealthy banker and niece of a famous socialite has died in a tragic quad bike crash at her family's farm.

Iris Annabel Goldsmith, 15, niece of Jemima Khan, had just returned home from school for the summer holidays.

She is the eldest daughter of millionaire banker Ben Goldsmith and the heiress to the Rothschild fortune Kate Rothschild.

Her uncle is Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith who ran to become Mayor of London, losing out to Labour's Sadiq Khan.

Emergency services were called to her family's home in the quiet Somerset village of North Brewham on Monday afternoon following the crash.

She was studying at Wycombe Abbey, a £13,000-a-term private boarding school in High Wycombe, Bucks.