Kashmir issue: UN Human Rights Council make 5 demands to India

Kashmir issue: UN Human Rights Council make 5 demands to India
Geneva: In a diplomatic victory, UN Human Rights Council has made 5 demands to India over Kashmir issue.

In the session of UN Human Rights Council, 58 countries delivered a joint statement on Kashmir issue and made 5 demands to India subsequently.

First demand of joint statement is to let Kashmiris have their right to live. Second demands calls to life curfew in Kashmir which is prevailing from the last five weeks. Third demand is to end communication blackout in the valley along with release of Kashmiri political leaders.

The fourth demand is to end human rights violations in Kashmir including the use of pallet guns and also permitting international media to visit occupied Kashmir. The fifth demand calls for a peaceful and negotiable settlement of Kashmir involving both parties.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi termed the joint statement as a success for Kashmir and Pakistan stating that it called to lift curfew along with providing access to international media and human rights organizations.

On August 5, India in a unilateral move, abrogated Articles 370 and 35A ending the special status of occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The move was followed by imposition of curfew and communication blackout in the valley.