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Thai blogger Mark Wiens falls in love with Pakistan

Thai blogger Mark Wiens fell in love with Pakistan
Lahore: Thai Food lover and YouTuber Mark Wiens fell in love with Pakistani food, hospitality of people and the stunning beauty of north during his recent 16 days visit to country.

In his video, Mark Wiens observed that his visit to Pakistan was more than a trip as it was an experience of journey through Pakistan.
Mark added, “We began our journey from Lahore, which is an amazing city of history and food. “
He continued his travel to Gujranwala, Chakwal, Islamabad, Peshawar and Gilgit Baltistan region and then reached Karachi at the end.

Wiens loved the beauty of Gilgit Baltistan, the hospitality of people of country and off course the delicious foods of different regions.

 He said, There were three mainly ideas and concept that stood out for me during Pakistan’s visit, number one is hospitality of the people, number two is food and number three is the unbelievable scenery and beautiful of the country.
Mark added, “We travelled from 16,000 ft high Khunrjrab Pass to sea level Karachi and in between there are deserts, mountains and glaciers which I have never seen in my life.”
Talking about the safety of travelling across the country the traveler was of the view that Pakistani have the most positive impression and had faced many struggles and conflicts. “But recently and in past few years, Pakistan has made huge improvements in safety and security.”
He said he never felt threatened or in danger in his 16 days visit instead there was not a single day when people were overwhelmed by saying “Thank Your for visiting Pakistan.”