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Pakistan featured in top ‘10 Coolest Places to Go’

Pakistan featured in top 10 Coolest Places to Go
Lahore: Pakistan is an immensely beautiful country and a great tourist destination. Nature has blessed Pakistan with unique and mesmerizing landscapes, the high mountains; plateau, plain, deserts and luring sunny beaches.

Recently, Pakistan has made it to the list of top "10 Coolest Places to Go" in 2019.

A  popular American business magazine 'Forbes' has featured Pakistan to the top ten ‘Coolest Places’ where tourists must go in the new year of 2019.

The magazine published a report compiled by Travel blogger Ann Abel that included Pakistan that have world most beautiful places to visit, specially at its best in northern areas of Pakistan and Kashmir region.

It has recently published a report by Ann Abel, an experienced travel writer. She after interviewing various experts at several high-end travel companies, has suggested tourists all along the world the ten best places for travelling during 2019.

Other regions which are on Forbes’ radar include the Azores in Portugal, Eastern Bhutan, Cabo/Los Cabos in Mexico, Colombia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Rwanda and the Turkish Riviera.

Regarding Pakistan, Abel mentioned the suggestions of Sara Barbieri, a travel agency specialist. She said, “Explore the valleys of Hunza, Shigar and Khaplu via the renowned Karakoram Highway. This little-visited region in the far northeast of the country offers the kind of startlingly striking scenery that compels you to gaze from the window of your 4WD without blinking, for fear of missing a moment of the majesty of the landscape—or one of the astounding suspension bridges that cross the surging rivers filled with snow melt. Add to this the warm welcome of the people, the glacial blue of Attabad lake, the centuries of history, the juxtaposition of granite to greenery, the chance to walk through an age old-apricot orchard along water channels cut by hand, and the blazing snow-covered glory of Rakiposhi, and you must acknowledge there is a grand adventure to be had.”

So, pack your luggage and fasten your seat belts to take on the journey of visiting the top 10 coolest places to kick start a new year.