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This viral video will taught you dealing with scammers

This viral video will taught you dealing with scammers
Lahore: A videos of a citizen dealing with the fake call asking him for his account details went viral on social media.

This video where raises eye brows regarding the activeness of scammers, it also tells people how to deal with such fake calls and scammers.
Recently, in a cyber attack on banking sector the data of around 20 thousand Pakistanis were put on sale on dark web where as the data of 21 banks was hacked which include credit cards, ATM cards, account number and passwords.
In few minutes video, an old citizen receives call from a scammer who told him as representative of State Bank of Pakistan and said that on the orders of Chief Justice of Pakistan we are updating the bank data.
He asked the old man that whether you want to update your account information or not. The citizen immediately responded that he wanted to update his data.
He later inquired about his accounts and bank details.
The old man replies with the names of two banks.
Later, scammer told him that his call is being transferred to his supervisor who will further deal with the old man.
Then the new person on the other side of phone asked about usage of bank account and ATM and asked to give the National Computerized Identity Card (CNIC).
The old man asked about the place of the person in response he told that he was speaking from main branch of SBP.
Citizen then asked him that what sort of benefit I can get after update; the scammer replied that verification is being held to update the data of the accounts of masses.
The citizens said that your voice is not seemed to be a banker’s voice as their way of talking is very different.