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Nida Yasir responds to critics of her dresses and makeup

The TV host says she has started liking her age and loves to wear Orange and Red color dresses.



Nida Yasir responds to critics of her dresses and makeup
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Karachi: Pakistan famous morning TV show host Nida Yasir on Monday said that she started loving her age and making her life more colorful through her different and positive approach. 

“Here is such a mindset that the people call aunti just at the first glance,” said Shaista Lodhi while asking a question to Nida Yasir in her podcast. Shaista said, “Negative thinking has also prevailed that she has now turned aged but prefers red color and uses red-lipstick, and that she wears dresses like the teenagers,”.

In response to the query, Nida was of the view, “I’m enjoying my age, and the main reason behind it is that we have done lot of hard work in our lives,”.

Nida said, “I started working at the age of 19 and used to save money to buy house and car,”.  She added that they were struggling in their early age to make their lives better.

She admitted that she did not focus herself that time as she could not buy even cream, and used to just wash their face to go to work.

As the time passed, she said, they started getting benefit of their work and fulfilled their responsibilities then they looked themselves into the mirror and decided to focus themselves.

Responding to the peoples’ criticism regarding surgeries, Nida said they started focusing themselves and giving time to themselves.

“Now, we better know what to wear and how to wear the makeup on the screen,” she explained.

Nida revealed that she likes red color and she is wearing it these days.

“My mother was also like this as she used to appear on the screen just by washing the face. Later, as she turned old, she started giving herself time. She used to wear Orange and Red color attires and I also have the same approach,” she added.

It is noteworthy that Nida Yasir often faces criticism over her dresses and make up.