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Terms and Conditions

Parent Company:

Vision Network Television Limited

Content Policy:

Content shown on GNN's website,, is monitored and licensed under the Vision Network Television Limited. It is moderated and verified through an Editorial procedure before publishment.

Any data taken or shown on the internet with the brand GNN, G News Network or Vision Network Television Limited is bound to mark this website as the canonical to the content.

Procedure we follow for providing valid and verified information to the public:

  • Physical reporters providing verified information from specific regions across Pakistan.
  • Telecasted content from around the world containing valuable information.
  • Open Source broadcast by the government officials.
  • Public scholarly information provided on the internet.
  • Information fetched, researched and edited by the senior editors of the organization.
  • Personal opinions of well-acknowledged and senior journalists under the contract of the organization.

Video Content Terms:

  • All the video content provided on the website is copyrighted by the GNN - Vision Network Television Limited.
  • Videos shown on the website are directly provided from GNN's YouTube channel using YouTube API Services.
  • Videos on this website are first broadcast live on GNN's TV channel, then uploaded to GNN's YouTube channel and then shown on this website.

YouTube API ToS:

This website makes use of YouTube's API Services to populate the videos on the website and abides by the Google Privacy Policy.

User Data Collection:

  • To avoid making the videos and homepage completely unrenderable, 49 latest videos retrieved from YouTube Data API are stored on our server and are Soft deleted initially and then permanently deleted after 30 days as per YouTube's Terms of Services.
  • The website does not collect, use or store a user's data in any form using the YouTube API Services.
  • The website displays the videos on it video pages, which include, Homepage, Videos, Show details page (An Example Page) directly using the YouTube Data API.
  • The pages where videos are embedded show data such as Total Number of Views, Title of Video, Thumbnails, Publish Date, are all fetched using the YouTube Data API without collecting or storing any user-specific data.
  • YouTube Data Processing And Sharing:

    • GNN's website processes the data retrieved using the YouTube Data API to display videos directly to its video pages, examples of whom are mentioned above.
    • The data retrieved using the YouTube API Services are neither used in any sort of internal application or authorizes any third party application to utilize it on their platform.
    • Use of YouTube data displayed on GNN's website by a third party without official authorization is a violation, and any complaints or cases would be dealt with legally.

    YouTube's Terms & Conditions

    Polls and Voting Terms and Conditions:

    Question asked on the website are based on events happening at that moment around the world.

    They are not meant to draw controversies and are ideally asked to get the general opinion of people viewing the website.

    All the participant data is kept anonymous, and not even our own admins have the record on the entries done by the audience of this website.

    A total number of participations for a single poll is recorded on the website and kept for general use. The result percentages are based on this total value.

    GNN's Promises and Vows:

    GNN pledges to equip its audiences with the most credible, reliable and accurate information to keep them up to date round the clock.

    We at GNN believe in giving the due right of information to the people but at the same time, we have the agenda to prioritize our news time, transmission time and our headlines focusing on the issues that directly affect the viewers and interest them.

    GNN vows to contribute its share in fighting the social menace exist in society by spreading awareness and mobilizing the young of Pakistan who make up over 70 per cent of its population.

    To maintain the highest professional standards, the institute along with its staff members must comply with the journalistic code of ethics.

    It is the responsibility of editors and publishers to apply the Code to editorial material in both printed and online versions of publications.

    GNN promises to highlight issues related to education and health as better and affordable education and healthcare facilities are basic rights of people. It also pledges to do accurate and credible reporting on topics ranging from politics to the economy, foreign policy to investment, sports to culture and theater and the arts.

    1. Accuracy

    Publishing of any inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures must be avoided. If published, should also correct immediately with due prominence, and made clarification where needed.

    A publication must report fairly and accurately the outcome of an action for defamation to which it has been a party, unless an agreed settlement states otherwise, or an agreed statement is published.

    2. Journalistic Practices / Professionalism

    GNN adheres to the traditional best practices of journalism. The guiding principles are based on our responsibility to the reader to produce accurate, fair, and independent content.

    3. Values and Biases

    GNN will never oblige any such person or institution on biasness. Impartiality will be the core value of our editorial policy.

    4. Privacy

    Everyone is entitled to respect for his or her private and family life, home, health and correspondence, including digital communications. Authorities must justify invasion to private life without one's consent; strict action will be taken on a complaint of intrusion to one’s private information. Taking photos of any individual without a consent will not be acceptable.

    5. Reporting ethically about grief or shock

    In cases involving personal grief or shock, enquiries and approaches must be made with caution as the situation needs more comforting and sympathetic words to ease the pain of the sufferer and publication handled sensitively. When reporting about suicide, murder or any blast including causalities, care should be taken to avoid images or visuals including blood and body parts.

    6. Victims of sexual assault

    The press must not identify victims of sexual assault or publish material likely to contribute to such identification unless there is adequate justification, and they are legally free to do so.

    In any press report of a case involving a sexual offense against a child - The child must not be identified.

    7. Discrimination

    Details of an individual's race, color, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental illness or disability that might hurt individual’s integrity and self-esteem, must be avoided unless genuinely relevant to the story.

    8. Confidential sources

    Sources of news are not always confidential, but they are also respectable. Their confidentiality must be retained at every cost. Therefore, it is moral obligation of the organization to protect confidential sources of information.

    9. Piracy

    Pirated, plagiarism and copies content is not allowed at all. The individuals are bound to produce their own exclusive and genuine material.

    10. Wellbeing of messes

    Using the media platform to address the issues, problems and day-to-day agony of the people, which are often ignored by popular media, for their well-being.

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