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Ishaq Dar holds Imran Khan responsible for economic crisis

The Finance Minister has said that the PTI Chief has defamed the country during his visits in different countries.



Ishaq Dar holds Imran Khan responsible for economic crisis
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Islamabad: Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Friday held Imran Khan responsible for inflation and economy crisis in the country.

“You damaged country’s economy,” Ishaq Dar reacting to Imran Khan’s speech during a fiery press conference on Friday night.

The minister said that PTI took huge loans during its tenure which caused huge damage to the national economy.

He stated that the PTI government damaged the country’s economy.

“You have damage the economy, Niazi sahib!,” said Ishaq Dar while talking to the media on Friday night.

He said that 6.10 per cent was the GDP when the PML-N left the government and then it was Imran Khan’s government which damaged it.

“244billion dollar economy was when we took over and later we took it over to 356 billion dollars,” said the Finance Minister.

 “You did rebasing. You did a drama! What have you done? You became reason of inflation, because you allow rupees in the open market,” said the Finance Minister, adding that food inflation was 2 per cent when the PML-N left the government.

Dar lashed out at Khan, saying that “you defamed the country across the world during your visits,”.

“Don’t deliver fake lectures. You should apologize the nation,” said the minister, adding that it was the Nawaz government which financed different military operations.

“17.4b dollar current account deficit was at the end of your government,” said the minister.

“You can come for open debate,” said the Finance Minister, asking Khan not to mislead the public.