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Hajj to be held this year with "precautionary measures"

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has announced that Hajj will be held this year, albeit with "precautionary measures".



Hajj to be held this year with "precautionary measures"
Hajj to be held this year with "precautionary measures"

The official Twitter handle of Harmain Sharifain said in a tweet that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced "the kingdom's intention to hold this year's Hajj with precautionary measures."

Operational plans are to be announced soon. The administration will ensure that pilgrims are able to perform Hajj with safety and ease, adding that the Kingdom gives the highest priority to human health and safety.

The announcement comes as good news for many Muslims across the world who are living in countries where the pandemic is under control. However for countries that are experiencing virulent waves of the pandemic, restrictions may apply.

In 2020 only 1000 locals could perform Hajj as ariel and ground border closures restricted the pilgrimage to Makkah for overseas Muslims.