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Houthi rebels' drone attack kills two Bahraini soldiers

Several soldiers were also injured in the drone attack: Bahraini Media.



Houthi rebels' drone attack kills two Bahraini soldiers
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Bahrain: In a recent drone attack on the southern border of Saudi-Yemen, Houthi rebels have claimed the lives of two Bahraini soldiers.

Several other soldiers sustained injuries in the attack, although the exact number of wounded soldiers has not been disclosed by Bahraini authorities.

Bahrain's official news agency issued a statement confirming the attack and attributing it to the Houthis.

The rebels targeted the position of Bahraini guards on the southern border of Saudi Arabia, despite the cessation of military operations between the warring parties in Yemen.

Bahrain, a staunch ally of Saudi Arabia, has been actively engaged in the conflict against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen for several years.

Reports from Arab media indicate that the Houthis promptly acknowledged their responsibility for the attack, although they did not provide additional details to the media.