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‘Storm is awaiting’ analysts warns govt of worsening economic crisis

Senior journalist Imran Yaqoob says that he is seeing a serious situation ahead if the timely actions are not taken by the incumbent coalition government amid IMF-talks



‘Storm is awaiting’ analysts warns govt of worsening economic crisis
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore: Senior Journalist Imran Yaqoob Khan said that he was seeing a storm ahead if the timely actions are not taken now by the central government to address the economic crisis in the country.

He made these remarks while talking during a program ‘ViewPoint’ on Saturday.

TV anchor Samina Pasha who hosts the programs posed serious questions about the economic crisis in the country besides interesting discussion on the political situation of the country. Faisal Chaudhary was another analyst in the proramme.

The discussion held at the moment when IMF demanded more taxes from the government.

“There is no other option for the incumbent coalition government,” Imran Yaqoob Khan the co-host, urging the people at the helm of the affairs to take steps for reforms.

“I’m seeing a big storm. The situation is quite grim because there could be a civil war if action is not taken,” he added.

Samina said that she did not see people protesting about the rising POL prices and asked he panelists if the public had really that much money to buy the things amid soaring inflation.

Faisal Chaudahry said that three people died during the long queues for the flour, regretting that the dacoits were snatching flour and sugar bags.

“The poor and working class is quite depressed,” said Chaudhary.

Abid Qayyum Sulehri, an economic expert, also took part in the program, saying that the ‘do mores’ were not the demands of the IMF rather these demands were put before the international lender by the government.

“There are depleting foreign reserves. There are hardly $3b reserves. Fiscal deficit is anther challenge,” said Abid Qayyum Sulehri, urging the government to prepare itself to deal with the IMF.  

Responding to another question, Sulehri said that Telco company faced huge trouble due to dollar shortage in the country.

“Hundi Hawala rate was low than the official one and there was a parallel market, so it was inevitable,” he added.

The IMF programme, he added, would open the other doors as well as Saudi Arabia and China would roll over.

“There is a hope that this programme could be the last one,” said the economic expert