Weekly inflation report stating essential commodities prices released

Inflation during the week ended on April 16, 2021, goes up by 0.54 per cent. Throughout the week, out of 51 items, prices of 16 (31.4%) items increased, 11 (21.6%) items decreased and 24 (47.1%) items remained constant.

According to data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the SPI for the current week ended on April 15 2021 recorded an increase of 1% or more in the prices of Bananas (15.49%), Telephone Call Charges (15.48%), Tomatoes (15.02%), Potatoes (7.42%) and Wheat Flour Bag (2.71%) and with the joint impact of (0.60%) into the overall SPI for the combined group of (0.54%).

On the other hand, a decrease was observed in the prices of Garlic (3.98%), Pulse Gram (2.58%), Pulse Moong (2.19%), Pulse Masoor (1.72%), Pulse Maash (1.60%), LPG (1.20%), Gur (0.86%), Eggs (0.76%), Sugar (0.74%), Rice Irri-6 (0.72%) and Onions (0.53%).

The year on year trend depicts an increase of 18.43% with most of the items increased mainly Chilies Powder (139.64%), Chicken (91.53%), Tomatoes (76.99%), Electricity for Q1 (67.03%), Eggs (46.89%), Bananas (35.13%), Gents Sandal (33.37%), Mustard Oil (30.66%), Match Box (30.47%), Gents Sponge Chappal (25.13%), Vegetable Ghee (22.22%) and Shirting (21.83%). While a major decrease was observed in the prices of Garlic (38.82%), Onions (38.15%). Pulse Moong (16.47%), Pulse Gram (6.69%) and Pulse masoor (6.01%).

Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) is computed on weekly basis to assess the price movements of essential commodities at a shorter interval of time to review the price situation in the country. SPI comprises 51 essential items and the prices are being collected from 50 markets in 17 cities of the country.

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