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Army emphasizes to tighten 'Noose of Law' around May 9 ' planners, masterminds

The ISPR says the commanders have condemned the desecration of martyrs' monuments and Jinnah House, as well as the attacks on military installations.



Army emphasizes to tighten 'Noose of Law' around May 9 ' planners, masterminds
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Rawalpindi: The formation commanders of the Pakistan Army convened on Wednesday and emphasized the need to tighten the "noose of law" around the planners and masterminds responsible for launching a rebellion against the state and state institutions, according to a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the military's media wing.

During the 81st Formation Commanders Conference presided over by Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir at the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi, the top military officials expressed their firm resolve to bring the perpetrators and instigators of the May 9 attacks to justice.

The commanders condemned the desecration of martyrs' monuments and Jinnah House, as well as the attacks on military installations. They reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring the swift and fair prosecution of the offenders under the Pakistan Army Act and Official Secrets Act, which derive from the country's constitution.

The statement issued by the ISPR dismissed any attempts to distort the facts or use human rights violations as a smoke screen to conceal the true nature of the individuals involved. The commanders stated that ample and undeniable evidence had been collected to support the prosecution of those responsible.

Furthermore, the formation commanders warned that any attempts by any quarter to hinder the conclusive defeat of hostile forces' ill designs would be dealt with firmly.

The call for tightening the "noose of law" underscores the army's determination to maintain peace, stability, and the rule of law in Pakistan, as well as its commitment to protect the nation and its institutions.

The Formation Commanders Conference was attended by corps commanders, principal staff officers, and all formation commanders of the Pakistan Army.

Tribute to martyrs:

The military's forum expressed its deep appreciation for the "supreme sacrifices" made by martyrs, including armed forces personnel, law enforcement agencies, and members of civil society during a recent meeting, according to a statement by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

During the gathering, Fateha (prayers) were offered to honor the martyrs, and the forum reiterated the unwavering respect and dignity that the state of Pakistan and the Armed Forces hold for the martyrs and their families.

The forum, as quoted by the ISPR, stated, "The state of Pakistan and Armed Forces will always keep Shuhadas (martyrs) and their families in highest esteem and will continue to honor them and their sacrifices with utmost respect and dignity."

The meeting also included briefings on the prevailing security environment, challenges to internal and external security, and the operational readiness of the army in response to evolving traditional and non-traditional threats.

Additionally, the participants were briefed on the incorporation of "structural changes and niche technologies" in the arsenal to enhance operational preparedness and upgrade essential logistical infrastructure to address emerging security imperatives.

The army chief, addressing the participants, reaffirmed the Pakistan Army's commitment to its national obligations of safeguarding territorial integrity and sovereignty. He emphasized the crucial bond between the people and the armed forces, highlighting that the events of May 25 demonstrated the strength of this bond.

The forum strongly denounced unfounded and baseless allegations of custodial torture, human rights abuses, and stifling of political activities against law enforcement agencies and security forces. It labeled these allegations as attempts to mislead the public and tarnish the image of the armed forces for trivial political interests.

Regarding hostile forces and their abettors, the army chief stated that attempts to create societal division and confusion through fake news and propaganda would continue to be defeated with the full support of the nation.

General Munir emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards of professionalism and motivation during operations, as well as achieving excellence in the training of formations. He commended the commanders for their unwavering focus on the well-being and high morale of their soldiers, who remain the foundation of the army's operational readiness.

The forum concluded by affirming its resolve to make any necessary sacrifices for the security and stability of the country, with the continuous support of the proud people of Pakistan, as stated by the ISPR.