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Murtaza foresees prosperity for Pakistan amidst political turbulence

Pakistan's renowned palmist sees no future for Imran Khan in the direct power corridors.



Murtaza foresees prosperity for Pakistan amidst political turbulence
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore: Ghulam Murtaza, a Pakistan-renowned expert in palmistry and astrology, predicted that Pakistan would not default as the financial ways were getting opened in the coming days.

"This is a big prediction about Pakistan's future and economy," said Ghulam Murtaza in an exclusive talk with this scribe on Tuesday.

Ghulam Murtaza, who learned modern palmistry from international experts, said Pakistan was heading toward better days.

"Things will start improving in 2025 and later, " he said.

He postulated his model, the "GM Model for personality measurement and self-discovery from fingerprints and hands," comprising four elements: air, earth, fire, and water.

"As per his theory, one element is mirrored and dominates one's personality while the other remains passive. And sometimes they are mixed, leading to multiskilling and multi-tasking," he explained his model.

When asked about Imran Khan, the most popular leader in the country who is currently behind bars, Murtaza predicted that "There is no future of Imran Khan in direct and sustainable power corridors." However, he said Imran Khan would remain popular, and his influence would continue to fascinate the people and stir the masses, but he would never come back to power.

Recalling his old prediction about Imran Khan, Murtaza was of the view that he had already predicted about his long march that it would not reach Islamabad, and would conclude before it. He also predicted that the election would not be held on time despite the court orders; my videos are also available on the YouTube channel," he added.

When asked about the future of other political leaders, including newly elected Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, Bilawal, Shehbaz Sharif, and others, he said they also have political futures and roles. However, he predicted Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari's dim future in politics.

To another question about the new government's future, Murtaza stated that they had cast a horoscope about Election Day and predicted this system and elections would produce no stability.

"Mars' period is ready, and those who are powerful here are seen as maintaining their more control," he said. This period looks to bring financial stability but losing civil rights.

"In a video in 2019, I had predicted that Shehbaz is flexible and he would be a window for those who are the real power here," said Ghulam Murtaza.

Responding to another question about his grip over the art of palmistry, and especially about the difficulty in hand reading, he said that such difficulty took place three times in his life. He explained that he always tells the past before making any predictions about the future.

"Yes, I can't predict which prize bond will give you the exact result. But I make predictions, and most of them are found to be true and correct," he said, explaining that nobody could predict a hundred percent.

Murtaza, who teaches palmistry and takes online classes for many international students, including Indians, is about to launch his book new book, "The Divine Prints." he also responded to another query about ties with the neighboring countries, particularly with India, saying that there would not be the strong ties shortly.

"My work [the art of palmistry] comprises not just palmistry but also includes psychology and motivation, " he added, pointing out that he linked this art to human resources and development.

"When you don't know about the potential of the workers at your organization, then you can't better go and can't make it a success. Palmistry, which I learned, is all about human nature, their behaviors, and the ways to positively engage them for better working relationships and outcomes at any organization," he said, adding that he linked it to human resources.

He claimed that traditional palmistry had no future, so he learned modern palmistry with a scientific vision.

"Personality measurement and self-discovery are my uniqueness," said Murtaza.

"The model I postulated is based on the fingerprints and hands," said Murtaza, sharing that he is the only palmist from the South Asian region who was formally invited to Russia to take part in a summit to present his work on palmistry, and he was leaving for Moscow in September 2024.

Regarding the art of palmistry and its status in neighboring India, Murtaza said, "India is now far behind while the West is far ahead in this field. I studied palmistry at the International College of Palmistry in India and then got an opportunity to learn from Sue Compton in the UK.

After learning it, he said he tried to make it useful for others, urging the people to identify themselves.

"I just say that the people need self-awareness and self-identification. And this is the main purpose I do it," he added.