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Unknown people booked in camel leg chopping off case in Sanghar

The latest reports say that Sindh Governor Kamran Tissori has taken notice of the incident and announced to give two camels to the victim



Unknown people booked in camel leg chopping off case in Sanghar
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Sanghar: The Sanghar police on Saturday registered a case against unknown people at the Mangli police station instead of the influential landlord who allegedly cut off a camel's leg.

The incident took place in Mandh Jamrao area of Sanghar.

According to the details, an influential landlord became enraged when a camel entered his agricultural land. In a fit of anger, he, along with his employees, caught the camel and severed its leg with a sharp tool, severely injuring the animal.

Meanwhile, the camel's owner, Somar Bhan, arrived at the Sanghar Press Club carrying the severed leg, protesting and saying that the cruel landlord had cut off the camel’s leg just for passing through his land.

In response to the incident, Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori took notice and ordered that the real culprits be arrested as soon as possible and that a case be registered against them.

Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori also announced that he would give two camels to the affected owner.

Following the owner's protest, the issue was highlighted in the media. To alleviate the media pressure, Sanghar police filed a case in the name of unknown individuals rather than the influential landlord.

Besides it, the videos of the injured surfaced on the social media, showing a deep wound on the animal's leg.