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AI can predict if it will rain or not

Artificial intelligence (AI) can tell whether it is going to rain in the next two hours, research suggests.



AI can predict if it will rain or not
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Scientists at Google-owned London AI lab DeepMind and the University of Exeter partnered with the Met Office to build the so-called nowcasting system.

Traditional methods use complex equations and often forecast for only between six hours and two weeks' time.

The AI system can make more accurate short-term predictions, including for critical storms and floods.

Climate change is making it harder to anticipate adverse weather conditions, as the frequency and severity of heavy rain increases, which researchers believe will lead to both significant material damage and death.

“Extreme weather has catastrophic consequences, including loss of life and, as the effects of climate change suggest, these types of events are set to become more common,” Met Office partnerships and product innovation head Niall Robinson said.

“As such, better short-term weather forecasts can help people stay safe and thrive.”