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Bank president reveals last moments before Karachi plane crash

Zafar Masood sheds light on the chaos and emotions that engulfed the passengers and crew moments before the tragic Karachi plane crash.



Bank president reveals last moments before Karachi plane crash
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Karachi: On May 22, 2020, a heart-wrenching tragedy shook Pakistan as the nation bid farewell to another Friday during Ramadan.

It was on this fateful day that Pakistan witnessed its worst plane crash in history, claiming the lives of 97 individuals.

The ill-fated flight, PIA PK 8303, tragically crashed near the Model Colony neighborhood, not only claiming the lives of passengers but also causing destruction to the homes and vehicles of local residents.

Among the survivors of this harrowing incident were Zafar Masood, President of the Bank of Punjab, and another individual named Zubair.

Zafar Masood recounted the moments leading up to the plane crash.

He began by sharing, "I don't remember anything about the 30 seconds before the plane descended. However, before that, the condition of the air hostesses was quite peculiar. They appeared extremely anxious, sobbing loudly, and reciting Quranic verses. Moreover, there was a lot of commotion within the aircraft."

Describing the terrifying experience, Zafar Masood revealed, "I lost consciousness during that time. When I regained consciousness, I wasn't surprised that I had survived. I believed that Allah had saved me. I was in excruciating pain; my hand was fractured, my leg remained broken, and my back was burned."

Recalling the immediate aftermath of the crash, Zafar Masood said, "The first thing I told the rescue personnel was to handle me with care as I was severely injured. They were very compassionate. As soon as they placed me in the ambulance, I inquired about what had happened. I wished to ask again, and I inquired about the fate of the others on board. Their response was, 'Sir, we do not know.'"

Zafar Masood later discovered that there were three to four individuals he knew among the passengers of the ill-fated plane.

Reflecting on his arrival at the hospital, Zafar Masood shared, "Upon reaching the hospital, I requested to make a phone call. A female doctor inquired about the reason, and I explained that I needed to inform my mother. I then called my father and shared the news that I had survived the crash."