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First resolution seeking pink bikes program for women moved to PA

The latest reports say that PML-N MPA Sadia Tamoor moved the resolution to the provincial assembly.



First resolution seeking pink bikes program for women moved to PA
GNN Media: Representational Photo

Lahore: A first resolution has been moved to the Punjab Assembly asking the house to take up the matter of revision of pink bikes’ program for the women.

Sadia Tamoor, the PML-N MPA, moved the resolution.

The PML-N government during the previous tenure introduced the program for the job holders women in a bid to empower them.

The current resolution also gave reference of the hundreds and thousands of pink bikes being run by the women and the girls, and mentioned that it is the scheme is a good decision for provision of affordable bikes.

According to the reports, the former government also unveiled Motorbike Subsidy Scheme,'  which was aimed to provide a boost to women's mobility by offering 3,000 motorcycles at subsidized rates.

The authorities had announced that the initiative is a collaborative effort between the provincial transport department, the Bank of Punjab, and the Chief Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit. The distribution of motorcycles was conducted through a transparent balloting process to ensure fairness and accessibility.