Pakistan trying to move towards solarisation of tube wells, tell PM Khan

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan while talking to farmers on Tuesday stated that Pakistan has made agriculture part of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

While speaking to the farmers at the Prime Minister's House, Imran Khan said that when he came to power, he saw that the price of sugar was going up and the farmers were not getting the full price of sugarcane.

“The mafia used to sell expensive sugar and did not pay full price to the farmers.”

Further revealing some realities, he told growers that when the FIA ​​conducted an inquiry against the sugar faction, the agency too received threats but the probe was carried out against the sugar mafia without any discrimination.

He clarified that the corruption of the rulers destroys the country as "When the rulers make money, the country can never develop," he said.

“Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with every blessing but unfortunately, there are mafias in every sector and we have seen very good growth in the large scale industry," he told.

Addressing the farmers, the premier said that his struggle was against the corruption of the rulers. The mafias are taking advantage in every possible way as all crops except cotton have been in record growth.

He told agriculturalists that the rulers take the money out of the country through fraud while the mafia did not pay taxes and money to the farmers.

While assuring his government’s full support to farmers, PM said that "Our government is making every effort to ensure that farmers are not harmed in any way," he said.

"I assure you that my team will stay in touch with the planters," he said.

He believed that previous governments have implemented expensive power projects while solar prices are declining rapidly. "We are trying to move towards the solarisation of tube wells," he added.

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