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Vawda demands evidence for interference in judiciary

Faisal Vawda stated that blaming will not work, now you will have to give evidence that who interfered



Vawda demands evidence for interference in judiciary
Vawda demands evidence for interference in judiciary

Islamabad: Former federal minister Faisal Vawda Wednesday demanded the evidence for interference in judicial matters.

While addressing a press conference in Islamabad, he stated that Babar Sattar says that before becoming a judge, he sent a report to the then Chief Justice Athar Minullah. ‘We said that there will be something written in the record room regarding it. But we are not getting the answer’.

He added that under Article-19A, the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Qazi Faez Isa, ordered that every Pakistani can ask anyone. Pakistanis are far away, a senator is not getting an answer, now the confusion is increasing. Doubts are emerging as to what is the logic behind it.

Vawda continued to say that things happened a year ago, they remembered a year later, so why did not they tell a year ago. Now, if the interference happened the day after tomorrow, blaming will not work, now you will have to give evidence that who interfered, why and if you give the evidence, then we stand with you. ‘Otherwise, I will also pick up the phone and say, that the judge has said that if you commit murder, there will be no trial’.

Faisal Vawda further said that we are not getting an answer, we should be told whether all this is written in the record and if it is not part of the record, then there will be consequences. Mr. Athar Minullah makes historical decisions. I think he is a principled man and doesn't come under pressure. He does not meet anyone in the dark of night, so he cannot make the mistake of not taking things in writing. We should get that record, why don't we ask for it.

According to the former minister, you took notice of social media, but when our mothers were trolled online, you should have taken notice of that also. But Justice Mansoor Ali Shah spoke very well. We should be happy about self-accountability. But there is a tension under which intelligence agencies are repeatedly being named, then give evidence. And if what you said is verbal and not written, then there is a problem. Clarify it, so that it leads to a logical conclusion.

He also said that low-cost bread, any stay order for the poor? What happened to the Nasla Tower victims? 40 years ago, Bhutto was symbolically sentenced, you are telling us, we already knew this. Nawaz Sharif was disqualified for not taking money, but no one asked, Imran Khan's government was not allowed to run. How long will we go on like this, if a lawmaker cannot hold a dual citizenship, how can a judge sit with a dual citizenship?

He said that Pakistan is important for us. Where is it written in the constitution and law that police and security personnel will protect the border, where is it written that those who have sacrificed should be charged? If the allegations against him are true then show the evidence. According to their letter, we need paperwork too, enough of mockery with Pakistan, I hope the answer should come soon.

The senator continued that you should ban social media but not for yourself, for everyone. My mother was on her death bed, then justice providers threw my turbans, now if someone throws a turban in Pakistan, then we will make a football of their turbans. If you love, you will get double love, but if you do bad things, you will do double bad things. Stop targeting institutions, if there is no army, then Pakistan will not survive. Give evidence of their interference. You give bail, but we are questioned, you send to jail, but we are questioned. If someone takes you in a jeep, sit in front of the jeep.

He further said that there are many secrets, there is homework, but I think Athar Minullah does not judge on headlines, he cannot make such a big mistake. If it is written, then the question is over, the matter is over. But if the record is not written, then the question will arise, the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) will have to intervene in it.