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Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses will post Instagram stories for you

Wearers of the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses can post Instagram stories, meditate, and listen to Amazon Music without pulling out a phone in new updates.



Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses will post Instagram stories for you
Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses will post Instagram stories for you

Meta’s Ray-Ban smart glasses can now post Instagram stories directly to your Instagram account without the need for you to bring out a phone. The feature is one of several updates the company is now starting to roll out to the glasses, including support for Amazon Music and the meditation app Calm.

The Instagram support will allow users to prompt the glasses to post to the app before or after taking a picture. They can say, “Hey Meta, share my last photo to Instagram” after taking a photo or tell it to “post a photo to Instagram” before taking a new picture. 

Meta also worked with the meditation app Calm to let people do guided meditation on the go and access mindfulness exercises on the glasses. Calm will offer a free three-month subscription to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses users to test it out.

The glasses are getting the ability to stream Amazon Music, too. By saying, “Hey Meta, play Amazon Music,” the glasses will play a recommended playlist curated for users. Changing volume or pausing music can be done through touch or voice controls without pulling out a phone. The glasses previously had support for Spotify and added Apple Music last month.

Meta says the new features will roll out “gradually.”

In April, Meta added multimodal AI capabilities to the Ray-Ban smart glasses, where glasses wearers can take a photo and have Meta’s AI give more context. It can read signs in different languages, write Instagram captions, and identify landmarks.