16 killed, thousands evacuated as deadly floods ravage China

12 killed, thousands evacuated as floods ravage China 12 killed, thousands evacuated as floods ravage China

Beijing: At least 16 people killed and about 200,000 people have been moved to shelters in the central Chinese city of Zhengzhou after massive floods triggered by several days of heavy rains.

As per details, the rainfall flooded the city’s subway system, collapsed roads, and prompted the suspension of inbound flights. The heavy rains washed out streets throughout the capital of Henan province, forcing stranded motorists to wade through waist-deep waters that submerged cars and even sent them floating away.

Reportedly, dozens of reservoirs and dams have reached critical levels, with local authorities warning that the Yihetan dam in the nearby city of Luoyang had sustained a 20-meter breach and was on the verge of imminent collapse.

However, authorities have evacuated 100,000 residents to safe zones. 

Henan province has experienced severe rains through the past week.

Forecasters say Zhengzhou received as much rainfall in three days as it normally gets in a year. 

Extreme weather events have surged this summer in China, with recent flooding in Sichuan province killing hundreds of citizens and forcing thousands to evacuate the area.

Officials of Greenpeace International, an environmental group, warn that China’s rapid urbanization will increase the frequency of climate disasters. 

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