'Apple Juice' Instead of Apple iPhone

A Chinese woman recently ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max from Apple's official website, but was stunned when she received the order.

The Chinese woman shared a post on the local social media platform ‘Weibo’ in which she said that she had paid $1,500 to buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max but in return she got an “Apple Juice” pack.

Surprisingly, the woman made the order through Apple's official website, but when she received the order, it contained apple juice instead of a phone.

The woman said in her post that she did not receive the parcel directly but chose a storeroom near her house to deliver the parcel.

In this regard, both Apple Company and Express Mail Service (Apple's official courier partner) are claiming that the iPhone 12 has been sent to the same place where they received the request.

However, the Chinese woman says that she received Apple juice instead of the phone. She has also registered a case at the local police station to investigate the incident.

The courier company has also launched an investigation after the incident came to light.

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