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PHC prohibits ECP from ruling against PTI

Qazi Anwar Advocate said that the Election Commission cannot hear the case against the intra-party elections.

Published by Noor Fatima



Peshawar: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) Monday restrained the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) from ruling against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on latest intra-party elections.

According to the details, a two-member bench comprising Justice Ateeq Shah and Justice Shakeel Ahmed of the PHC heard the case against the Election Commission issuing a notice to PTI regarding intra-party elections.

Qazi Anwar Advocate said in the court that the Election Commission cannot hear the case against the intra-party elections, but the Commission can take the bat sign from Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The court inquired as to how you can infer this from now on. Qazi Anwar replied that the Election Commission is exceeding its jurisdiction.

Newly elected Chairman PTI Barrister Gauhar said that there are 175 political parties, so far no one has challenged the intra-party elections, and whoever challenged the party elections is not a part of it.

Barrister Gohar stated that the ECP issued a notice that if they do not appear, the case will be heard in absentia. We have reservations about the commission, only our case was heard in the foreign funding case. The notice sent by the Election Commission is illegal. The court inquired if they mean there is no provision in the law to challenge intra-party elections.

Later, the PHC ordered the ECP to submit its reply within seven days, restraining it from taking a decision against the PTI on the intra-party elections.

Speaking to the media outside the court, Barrister Gohar Ali Khan said that Imran Khan is the lifetime chairman of PTI, he is a democratic personality and PTI will not boycott the upcoming elections.

He added that High Court has stopped the Election Commission from taking adverse action. If the case was not filed, the Election Commission would have changed the symbol of the bat, which is not acceptable in any case.

The Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf continued that the ECP issued 12th date and ordered to appear before the Commission. However, they have good hopes from the Judiciary.

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ADB approves over $150 million financing for Pakistan

The money will start a reform program for women who will have better access to credit for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Published by Noor Fatima



Islamabad: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Monday approved financing of 155 million dollars for Pakistan.

According to the announcement by the Asian Development Bank, the money will start a reform program for women who will have better access to credit for micro, small and medium enterprises.

The statement said that the financing amount includes $10 million policy loan and the program includes a grant of $5.5 million, while $5 million will be given to lending institutions.

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Here’s what intentionally crashing a plane for YouTube clicks gets you

Trevor Daniel Jacob has been sentenced to six months in prison for obstructing an investigation into the crash after he intentionally downed the plane for a wallet sponsorship.

Published by Web Desk



A YouTuber pilot was sentenced to six months in federal prison by the Central District of California on Monday for intentionally crashing an airplane for online views. In May earlier this year, 30-year-old Trevor Daniel Jacob pleaded guilty to obstructing a federal investigation into the incident after submitting a false report regarding the location of the wreckage and claiming that engine failure had caused the crash.

According to the US attorney’s office, Jacob had planned to intentionally eject from his aircraft and film himself parachuting to the ground during a solo flight on November 24th, 2021, that was allegedly destined for Mammoth Lakes, California. Several video cameras were mounted to his plane before takeoff, which, alongside a selfie-stick-mounted camera held by Jacob after ejecting, were used to record the plane’s descent and subsequent crash into the Los Padres National Forest near Santa Maria.

Jacob told investigators he was unaware of the wreckage location shortly before uploading footage of the crash to YouTube

After informing the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on November 26th, Jacob agreed to provide both the coordinates of the downed plane and videos of the wreckage to NTSB investigators. Jacob later claimed he was unaware of the crash location, despite collecting the wreckage via helicopter on December 10th and disposing of it in trash bins around Lompoc Airport. A video titled “I Crashed My Airplane” showing footage documenting the crash and Jacob’s parachute descent was later uploaded to his YouTube channel on December 23rd, 2021, as part of a sponsorship deal promoting a company’s wallet.

Prosecutors during the investigation said that Jacob “most likely committed this offense to generate social media and news coverage for himself and to obtain financial gain” and stressed that “this type of ‘daredevil’ conduct cannot be tolerated.” In hindsight, if you’re going to lie about doing something dangerous and illegal, maybe don’t record yourself doing it and then publish it publicly for monetary gain.

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